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Friday, 4 September 2009

I've learnt something today...

Sorry...another food related may wish to switch off now or groan very loudly :)

Its just that I've learnt some interesting things about myself this week and I feel the need to bore you about them. Things like...

It is possible to actually stop eating when you are full...yes really...well who'd have thought? Now this is a biggie for me because a) I hate waste and b) my eyes are bigger than my belly (and that's saying something). Consequently I usually end up stuffed but forcing myself to finish everything on the plate. I blame my mum (sorry mum) for always making me finish every last scrap of food before I left the table. It gets you into the habit of thinking you have to eat everything...which is fine if your portions are small enough...which mine aren't...or weren't. I couldn't eat all of my dinner last night so I've chucked it in a lunch box and have brought it to work today.

Planning works - and it stops you feeling guilty and giving up. Normally I have a very busy life with working full time in the day job, working full time on my blog make-overs and generally trying to have a life too. My life generally forces out on a couple of social functions every week, such as the usual Friday afternoon drink after work. This normally involves me, Andy and a friend from work having drinks (usually full sugar Pepsi at the pub and then heading off to the Chinese take away on the way home. Well sometimes I found this regular Friday jaunt stopped me being good in the week as I just thought "well what's the point, I'm going out of Friday and will be totally blowing the calories anyway". So this week I've approached this from a different angle. I know how many points I can have (points=calories....kind of) and I've planned what I'm going to have and how many points I'm going to need to borrow from another day. So its all figured out...I can have my treat...not blow my points...and not have to feel guilty about it. Yay for planning! I've even managed to plan in a trip to Nandos on Saturday evening since mum and dad are insisting on taking me and Andy out to dinner.

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Ave said...

Great! Seems that you are doing better with the diet! And that's a start! I'm happy for you :)

The Blog Makeover Girl said...

Thanks Ave...things do seem to be going better now :)

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