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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Bra Graveyard

Before I forget...can I shamelessly plug my first ever scrapbooking kit that I've just released at my graphics design blog, Adori Graphics. I have actually made the digital scrapbooking kits before, but I've never offered them at Adori Graphics before. So anyway, if that kind of thing interests you then hop on over there now :)

Well you can take it from my absence that a) the diet didn't go terribly well (starting diet 1,002 soon!) and b) things have been very busy in Blog-Makeover-Land.  I'm not going to dwell on either point because it's not going to get me anywhere, but I have made some steps to getting a little more free time. Well anything is an improvement on zero free time isn't it. The last 2 weeks I never even had chance to get to church, but that's what told me things have to change so I spread out my waiting list and crossed my fingers that people don't hate me for it. Anyway, onto the subject of the post.

You know its going to be a bad day when you go to the loo only to find there's no toilet paper left and you have to shout hubby to bring some from the other bathroom - and then when you get in the shower and realise there's no shower gel left and have to wash in shampoo.....but when your bra strap just snaps off when you're getting dressed, that's a sign of a really bad day ahead. Sure that happened to me this morning. I was just fastening the back and TWANG, huge piece of elastic came whipping towards my left eyeball. This was a rare occasion where I thanked the Lord for blessing me with like 2/20 vision and a need to wear glasses 24/7. So anyway I threw the bra onto the spare bed where it is now happily lounging about with about another 20 dead bras that I keep meaning to fix. Does anyone else have a bra graveyard? Or a sewing pile as long as mine? Nope, I bet you don't!

Oh and then the day just get better when, on the way to work,  some *insert bad word here* changed lane without indicating or checking mirrors and was about half an inch (no joke!) from sideswiping me off the road. The ensuing emergency stop saw my tupperware of porridge leap off the passenger seat and dump itself all over the floor of my car *sigh*. So not only have I got to clean the mess up after work, I also have no breakfast....maybe I'll have to make do with a nice bacon butty from the canteen.

Make that diet 1,003 coming up ;)


Stacey said...

It can only get better, right? I hope it does for you.
I don't sew, so if anything breaks in my house, it gets thrown away.

Ashley said...

that sucks... i had a bra do that to me at work one time... and me without a working bra is awful!!! i had to clock out and go home to get another one... it was horrible cause i lived like 15 minutes from work... i am so embrassed thank goodness my boss was a lady it was much easier to explain when she said why do you need to clock out it's not time for your lunch yet!!!

I tried using safety pins on it, so i could at least made it to 11 for my lunch but after about thirty minutes... i couldnt take it anymore!!

Michelle said...

I hate days like that. They seem to come when you're at your weakest. I sometimes think their God's little "kick you in the butt" days. A reminder that we are not in control but He is! I seem to have a lot more of them than I think I should. I'll pray that your gets better.

I don't know anything about a bra graveyard, but if you could direct me into the old underwear graveyard I would really appreciate it.

The Blog Makeover Girl said...

LOL Michelle, I have enough old underwear to start (and fill) an underwear graveyard. I have loads of what I call "Sunday socks" know....the holey variety :)

I just keep forgetting to throw them away LOL.

Andrea McMann said...

Oh. My. Goodness! All this stuff happened to you in one day?? You poor thing! I hope things are going better for you now that you've extended your wait list. And I don't think anyone hates you for it. I don't, anyway! :)

The Blog Makeover Girl said...

Yep, all before 9am LOL

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