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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Don't you just hate it when it gets to 5pm and you STILL haven't finished all your chores? Seriously I've been ordering shopping, cooking meals, getting the Christmas presents and other less exciting stuff. It's now 5pm and I am NEARLY done. Phew!

But anyway, that's small fry...just frustrating that's all. Something good DID happen this weekend as one of my designs has won a VERY prestigious award! Well ok, it's not *that* prestigious, but hey I'll take what I can LOL. I'll be sharing some details about that on Adori Graphics as soon as I get 2 minutes to type out a post.

I've been feeling really tired again lately and thinking I've simply taken on too much. Now I need to figure out how to cut back...again! Ugh! I always do this to myself...will I ever learn?

So, did anyone do anything fun this weekend? I'd love to hear and share in your excitement :)


Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Well you already know what brightened my weekend!:) Before that it looked pretty bleak. I wrote an article for a group blog that was misunderstood. Oh the backlash! :( Disappointed me a bit. I'm wondering why people read more into a post than what is actually written?

I was looking forward to a quick weekend getaway but my husband's truck broke down right after we spent our savings getting it repaired. Not kidding. He had just picked it up the day before. Something else is wrong now. The joys of car ownership! :)

Anyway, instead of doing anything he had to make up the days of work that he missed and away he went in my vehicle. I am thankful that he was able to use mine but a little cranky because I have to stay home. Waaaa....

OK, I've vented.

Congratulations on that award.:)

Adori Graphics said...

Tonya, don't lose heart as I've had that happen to me too. Truth is you can NEVER anticipate exactly who is going to think "what" from your articles. You can only do so much! I've had it happen with my freebies. I'd slave away making them and then somebody would comment saying "it's crap" or "it's not good enough for my blog". What they really mean is "it's not to my taste", but it's still annoying after all the effort that goes in isn't it.

How annoying about the car breaking down! I hope it's a quick and inexpensive repair..I hate car repair bills. It's always like they're trying to rip you off for something.

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