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Friday, 3 December 2010

Brass monkey weather

Have you ever heard that expression? Brass monkey weather? It comes from the saying "cold enough to freeze the ba11s off a brass monkey". I have no ideas where it comes from and it IS kind of vulgar, but I do think it sums up today's weather perfectly!

-11deg Celcius (not sure what that is in "old money" for you older folk and non metric people)....I reckon that's cold enough!

Look at the temperature gauge - this was taken on the work run this morning


Amanda said...

It's supposed to be slightly warmer down here today. The icicles are beginning to melt... slowly but my feet are frozen still 4 hours after cleaning out the chickens. I have two pairs of socks on and Lee's slippers and they are still frozen.
Keep warm and safe.

MadeInCanarias said...

I have read, that the weather in colder there than usual? In Estonia they have around -17C, but here we have around +24C :D
Hope you stay warm!

Jennifer said...

We had our own brass monkey weather last week...I couldn't believe how cold it was! Now it's warmed up enough to snow...kind of an oxymoron if you ask me :)

Adori Graphics said...

I agree Jen - always seems a funny expression doesn't it?

Ave - stay in GC...much nicer weather. Our winter temps (and we're talking winter, not november) are like -5C minimum...and not for days on end either. -11C is really exceptional for us - we're just not used to it here.

Amanda, you need some of those lovely toasty fleecy ugg boot type slippers - i have my eye on a pair of those LOL.

Michelle said...

OK If I tell you we're lucky to get a high of -9 in the winter and it usually is -14 around here what would you say. In fact, two weeks ago it was -30 and that's not including the windchill. It's all relative. :P

Adori Graphics said...

Absolutely - we don't normally get to -11 even in the depths of winter. LOL

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