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Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I have seen something carried out on a few blogs now - some call it "dear so and so" some people have a "post it note Tuesday" or whatever...but basically it amounts to the same thing...getting things off your chest. I've decided that once a week, I'm going to do this too. It will be good to get things off my chest...and who knows you may even relate to it or be able to help :)

Dear Google word verification,
I hate pop up too late (usually when I've just clicked to close the screen)...your characters are usually illegible...and you are every dyslexics worst nightmare I'm sure. Nuff said...
From Lusoie Lsioue Louise

Dear whatever political party wins this week's general election,
You'd better come up with some policies which actually HELP me this time instead of giving my money away to everyone else. I am fed up of paying my taxes so that people getting my money can save money every week towards THEIR family holiday...that I can't AFFORD to go on!
From a disgruntled and cynical voter

Dear God,
I'll be honest with you, I am struggling to understand why, after 13 months you are still putting my hubby through the unemployment thing. How you can sit on your cloud up there and watch him crumble each time yet more bad news comes in is beyond me. You bet I'm struggling to understand. You bet I feel angry.
From Disappointed of Yorkshire

Dear Job Centre Plus,
Why do you need to treat my hard working husband like he's the scum of the earth? Why do you not even know your own policies and don't stick to your word. Your inconsistencies and pure ineptness has cost my husband time, money and access to training...through no fault of his own. And why do you keep wanting to meet with him outside of appointment times, forcing him to pay MORE out of pocket expenses that we can little afford.
From Penniless of Yorkshire

Dear Security Man At Work,
I'm just wondering, do you deliberately go out of your way to be so unkind and unhelpful. Being told "same time as every day" when I ask you what time the staff car park is locked up is NOT helpful to me. If I knew what time you locked up at night I'd hardly be asking you...duuuurrrr.
From her in the Materials Lab

Well, I do feel a little better for that...I've obviously toned them down a bit LOL.


Michelle said...

This is great. I especially love the one to the Government parties. Its so true. Check out my blog (, I have something there that might make your day a little bit lighter.

Deb said...

I've seen these before, too. Yours are great...hope you feel lots better!!!

Jennifer Chase said...

It's great to vent...I may need to adopt the practice :)

Adori Graphics said...

It's very therapeutic LOL

Deb said...

Missing you over at Gettin' Thin Together!!! How's WW going?

writing4612 said...

It's good to vent sometimes. :)

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