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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Random news

Life has been very busy here, hence the lack of pics from my recent trip to Bristol. I'm on a training course at work too which means that instead of just working a full time day job and a full time evening/weekend job, I'm also doing 40 hours a month training and 40 hours a month on a project which goes along with the training. When do I get time to sleep? I'm wondering that myself...

Anyway, the above might explain why my graphics blog (and my other blogs) have been sadly neglected lately, but I am still trying to keep things on schedule. I'm still getting through my designs, albeit slower than I'd have hoped...I simply can't keep up with demand at the moment...wait, that's a good thing, right?

My mum and dad are supposed to be going away on holiday tomorrow but it looks like flights in/out of the UK will still be cancelled by then. Poor things, they really need that holiday too...volcanoes suck...unless you're a geologist I guess.

Ok, well more random news later - just letting you know I'm still here and still trying to post tose photos from my recent-ish trip to Bristol!


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